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Do not let the carpets in your home stay dirty and uninviting. Take advantage of the following tips in the field of carpet cleaning to resolve this problem. It is easy to deal with the challenge at hand when you have clear and helpful guidance. This page is always available to help you.

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The best tips for carpet water damage restoration! Fresh ideas to keep a clean home!
Learn how to repair burnt carpets and how to clean them well. Find out more about the good effects of green products and how to clean sofas.

Use baking soda to fight carpet odors

One of the best methods to keep your home from smelling bad is to sprinkle baking soda liberally onto your carpet. Let it set for awhile, even as long as overnight, and then vacuum it up in the morning. Not only will your carpet smell fresh but your vacuum bag will too. For regular cleaning of your carpet and for stains you can't remove, give our professional team a call. We'll keep your carpet, rugs, tiles and upholstery looking great for years to come.

How to repair small carpet burns

Small carpet burns are caused by a spark or cigarette. Use your scissors to cut off some fibers from different parts of the carpet, which are not usually in plain sight. One from here or there and no one would notice. Trim the burned fibers and glue the new ones. For greater fire damage restoration you could use the advices of our company.

Frequency of carpet and sofa cleaning

There are no rules when it comes to your own house and frequency of carpet cleaning. The more regular cleaning would just ensure air purification and better, healthy environments. If combined with sofa cleaning, the results will be better. It would depend on personal expectations and basically on foot traffic. If you have pets and small children, you need to clean every other day.

Invest in green products

Carpet and sofa cleaning need quality products. Don't forget that the colors will fade away if the wrong or poor quality products are used for their cleaning. Products with chemicals may also jeopardize your good health. It's best to invest in high quality ecofriendly products appropriate for the fibers of the rug or the fabric of the couch.

Use a doormat

One quick and simple way to reducing the dirt and dust that fall on your carpet is to leave a doormat outside your house. When people consciously wipe their shoes outside your house, less dirt will be left under their shoes that could have eventually entered your home. Carpet cleaning becomes easier when it is not as dirty.

Water extraction

When using the water extraction method, you should know how to use the steam cleaner properly. You should avoid wetting the carpet too much as this can damage the backing and underlayment, which would then lead to discoloration and shrinkage. If not dried properly, the carpet will stink which then requires other steps that you need to take.

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