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Why is it tough to remove some markers and dyes from carpets?

If your carpets get soiled by food coloring, hair dyes and markers, these can pose a problem. According to our technicians, most grayish or black stains are known to easily come out, but anything with a dye can be problematic. However, experts specialize in spot dying them, where the affected spot is bleached out, and a new dye is reapplied to match the existing color of the fabric. While this can be a tricky process, it does work to treat these unsightly stains however.

What eco-friendly products are applied in the carpet cleaning process?

The basic eco-friendly products that are applied in the carpet cleaning process are spot applicators, pre-spray solution and hot water extraction. Threse are used to lift soil and stains from carpets, but without harming the fabric. These products are necessary to clean carpets using hot-water extraction methods. This leaves the surface feeling clean, soft to touch and deodorized, while caring for the environment. Eco-friendly products are also safe for homeowners who have sensitive skin and poor health.

Can all stains be removed by carpet cleaning?

There is no absolute guarantee that stains will be totally eliminated after a carpet cleaning procedure. Even experienced and highly proficient carpet cleaners concede that there are some stains that are simply too difficult to get rid of. Misusing stain removal products and methods may only lead to color damage on your carpets.

Are all stains easily removed?

Despite what some people may believe, not all stains are the same. For instance, grayish or black stains are easy to remove, but stains caused by dyes are nearly impossible to remove without affecting the original coloring. It is possible to remove the dye stain and apply a new dye to match the original coloring, but it is a very tricky process.

How long does it take for the carpet to dry?

Carpets can take 4 to 8 hours to dry up after getting cleaned with water. Our experts recommend avoiding the use of the carpet while it is damp as the moisture can capture dirt that can stick on the carpet longer than if it is dry. Smaller carpets could dry up longer than the bigger ones.

Is it safe to use a deodorizer?

During cases of flood clean up or water damage, your carpets tend to develop a slightly foul and moist odor, according to our specialist. So people often want to use deodorizers to mask the foul smell. While there are deodorizers with chemicals, there are those that are definitely safe for your health.

Which fruits cause the worst carpet stains?

Berries take cake, for sure. The darker ones such as blackberries and blueberries leave the most visible and stubborn stains followed by raspberries. At the same time, the risk of these small fruits falling on the floor is much higher, especially in the hands of kids. In case of a stain caused by such fruits, a timely reaction is key.

Does baking soda work for removing wine stains on the carpet?

It may help to absorb some of the liquid remaining in place after blotting the spill. This will prevent the wine from going further down into the fibers. However, baking soda won’t remove the red color which is clearly visible, especially when the carpet is a light color.


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