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5 Reasons to Clean Your Old Rug

08/25/2016 Back To Blog

Here’s a handy list of 5 good reasons to have your old and worn rugs cleaned for further usage or give-away rather than just throwing them away. Rugs are rarely recycled, so having them cleaned instead of tossed will help the environment a great deal!

1. Save the World from WasteClean your old rug like new

Our society throws away unbelievable amounts of clothes, upholstery and rugs on a daily basis. You might have purchased your rug, purely based on the fact that it’s cheap enough to simply replace when dirty.

This waste we produce is not good for the future. Do your part by keeping your rugs and upholstery for as long as you can. It's usually possible to have a single rug last decades with regular rug cleaning services.

2. Potentially it Could be Made Brand New

If you’re tossing it just because you've lost hope of ever getting it back to a perfectly clean condition, hold back. Have a look around for cleaning services that specialize in rugs and carpets. Consider our company to get the best rates and results. You might be surprised at how effective they can be at restoring your rug to its former glory.  

3. Someone else will Likely want it

If a rug is clean enough and has no obvious damage, it will likely have a resale value. This is much more beneficial to society than just chucking it in the garbage.

With sites like eBay and a wide range of alternative free listing sites out there, it's easier now more than ever to find new homes for your old gear. A stain removal service will ensure its resale value is a high as possible.

4. Save Money

If your rug cost you a pretty penny, you might find it more cost effective to have it cleaned, rather than shell out for a brand new one. Grab some quotes from some rug cleaning companies to see how it weighs up - our company offers competitive rates, so do call us to see how you can save more on the service…

5. Use it Somewhere Else

Even a cleaned shaggy rug will have its uses somewhere. Most people have multiple rugs scattered around the house. Just because your living room rug is no longer fit for the living room, it doesn't mean it can't be reassigned to the garage, or to replace another rug that is certainly on its last legs.

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